Africa is a land of endless possibilities with unmatched potential.

Why Africa?

Africa has a host of unmet needs and it presents an opportunity for growth on various landscapes. It is a continent teeming with entrepreneurial vim and verve. We want to be at the heart of it all as it grows by:

  • Bringing young talent into the Blockchain ecosystem
  • Training new cryptocurrency enthusiasts on how best to navigate the token economy.
  • Building companies that leverage the benefits a Blockchain world has to offer.


How Africa?

Starting and scaling in Africa lends us an opportunity for accelerated growth. Africa is a crucible for innovation for which many problem sets can be tackled.

  • With a young tech savvy population, we can build customer-centric Blockchain solutions.
  • Train developers and test ideas across a broad spectrum of Africa’s business environment.
  • Incubate ideas and companies whose products or services have an African focus.
  • Provide top rate development services by Africans to the rest of the world, be it in the Blockchain or other industry.